Eusthenes jason Stål, 1870

comment: E. jason appears as a synonym of E. robustus in the Rolston & al. catalog, according to Yang, 1935. This synonymy has been overlooked by Blöte (1945), which cataloged it as a separate species from E. robustus. The types of E. jason visible in RMNH, here under presented, show differences which allow to doubt of the validity of Yang's synonymy. For example, the head is relatively larger in E. jason than in E. robustus, the femora spines of the male are straight for the first, curved for the other, the ♂︎ posterior tibia is straight in E. jason curved in E. robustus, the shape of the females genital plates are different, etc.. Any of these differences is in the range of individual variation, but there are a lot of them, so the choice has been made to present this taxon at the same level as E. robustus.

Eusthenes jason male
Specimen data: (type) Java (Indonesia) (©RMNH)
Eusthenes jason female
Specimen data: Java (Indonesia) (©RMNH)

Stål C. 1870
Blöte H. C. 1945

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