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December 28 2023

Keys to subfamilies, tribes and subtribes of Tessaratomidae, and to genera of subtribe Eusthenina

December 25 2023

Key to genera of subfamilies Natalicolinae, Oncomerinae and subtribe Tessaratomina

species: Stevesonius jeanneli

December 17 2023

Key to African species of

November 25 2023

genera: Homoiacoris, Oukhypencha

species: Homoiacoris annemariae, Oukhypencha clemenceae, Oukhypencha florenceae, Oukhypencha stali

suspecies: Oukhypencha ophthalmica ophthalmica, Oukhypencha ophthalmica sumaterensis

November 6 2023

species: Kaytuesso flavolateralis

October 23 2023

species: Tessaratoma kina

October 14 2023

The catalog has been aligned with the author's state of knowledge of the Tessaratomidae family. It is not possible to list all the modifications that have been made to it to make up for these ten years of absence of updating, details on the new contributions will be made only from today.
Compared to the online version on the Museum website, which is expected to return sometime next year, this version is missing references, information related to host plants and cartography. The author is thinking about how to fill the first gap, for the third it is clearly beyond his programming skills.
Bibliographic information is currently saved in the Flow database of MNHN. So I will progressively incorporate links to this info in the pages of this site.

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