Amissus Stål, 1863  

list of species :

Amissus atlas Stål, 1863

    Distribution: Burma, Malay penninsula (Singapore), Sumatra.

Amissus nitidus Walker, 1868

    Distribution: Borneo, Sarawak.

Amissus testaceus Distant, 1909

    Distribution: Moluccas.

Amissus sp.

comments : the arguments proposed by W. Distant in his description of A. testaceous do differentiate it from A. atlas, based on the coloration of the body and the legs, and on the size, are of no real specific value. Variation in color and size can be found in the populations of Amissus from Malaysia to Vietnam, and the male genitalia show no differences. So the possibility of a synonymy of A. testaceous with A. atlas has to be considered. It will have to be checked by examination of the types. Meanwhile, it is difficult to refer to one or the other when examining a specimens, so the atlas/testaceaous specimens have been put under Amissus sp.

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